Steam Team Station

Thomas & Friends Steam Team Station, the app-supported active play device for iPadĀ® gets kids jumping, spinning, skipping, and racing with their engine friends! Six engine cards interact with Steam Team Station and iPad for fun-filled gameplay that gets kids up and moving.

My Disney Experience
Walt Disney World

My Disney Experience includes park hours, wait times, dining (menus, availability & ability to make reservations) and character locations and much more! In the Apple App store for iOS

Zombie Banksters

The Zombie Banksters launch a virus upon the world turning everyone into "Zombie Debtors". Using 3D graphics mapped onto 2D sprites for a 2.5 game! In the Apple App store for the iPad

What's The Current Project?

Our next app is all about total immersion and using equirectangular panoramas. I am trying to break into some totally new areas for perceptual computing and how we view images on mobile. Is it Virtual Reality or a new way of viewing images and video? Maybe all of these and more! Stay tuned!